Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life at a Substance Abuse Clinic

Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life at a Substance Abuse Clinic

Are you wondering what a day at a substance abuse clinic entails? Take a peek behind the scenes of a day at a substance abuse clinic.

Checking into a substance abuse clinic is no easy task. It can be challenging, complicated, and stressful. However, it’s also the best step you can take if you’re ready to break free from your addiction.

Drug and alcohol abuse is quite common. The most recent study shows that 9.2 million Americans over the age of 12 have misused opioids

Seeking help offers the greatest chance of getting and staying sober. However, you might wonder what a day at a substance abuse clinic entails.

Keep reading to learn what happens during a typical day when you go there for treatment.

Morning Routine

First, there are some differences between outpatient vs. inpatient programs. An outpatient program lets you live at home. Inpatient programs require living at the facility for a specific time. 

Outpatient programs involve fewer hours of treatment. Therefore, inpatient programs are more involved.

There is a morning routine with all the programs. Inpatient programs have more steps, as they require more time spent there.

You’ll have to get up and ready by a certain time. Then, you’ll eat breakfast together as a group. 

The first substance abuse session typically occurs during this time, too. At this meeting, a counselor will often discuss the schedule for the day. They’ll also spend time talking about a particular topic. 

Many clinics also have a short morning exercise regime or some type of physical activity. Routines are an integral part of recovery. Thus, you can expect a similar routine each day. 

Group Therapy and Educational Sessions

A typical substance abuse clinic daily program also includes various group sessions. A counselor or trained addiction specialist runs the meetings, and everyone attends. 

Group therapy includes several key features. First, it gives you the chance to hear from other people. The counselor might ask questions about addiction and open the floor for people to talk.

These conversations help you learn about other people’s addictions. You’ll also hear about their thoughts and reasons for turning to drugs or alcohol. 

Secondly, these sessions serve as educational meetings. They teach you things. When you’re in recovery, you’ll benefit from learning about important topics.

For example, you may have a session about why breaking addiction is hard. You might also have sessions about triggers and coping methods. They’ll also teach you about the importance of accountability in recovery.

Individual Therapy

Substance abuse therapy also comes in the form of individualized therapy. This means you meet one-on-one with a counselor.

Individual therapy allows you to open up about personal issues you might not want the entire group to hear. It offers a time to work on your issues. It also provides the chance to create a treatment plan for you. 

When you speak with a counselor during these meetings, you speak in confidence. No one else will know what you and the counselor discuss. Therefore, you should be willing to open up and be honest.

You may have some difficult things to talk about. These might be events you went through as a child. They might include trauma you experienced, such as the death of a close loved one.

Talking about these things can help you resolve issues and trauma that led to your addiction. They can bring healing and improve your chances of recovery.

Family Sessions

Substance abuse treatment facilities generally offer family therapy when needed. In most cases, a person’s addiction doesn’t only affect them. Instead, it affects an entire family.

If you have broken relationships from your addiction, you can take part in family therapy. Family therapy occurs when your family members come to the substance abuse clinic.

You and your family meet with a therapist to discuss your addiction. Your family members may have the chance to talk about their feelings. Some things they say may hurt.

But the goal is to reunite you and your family. Family therapy helps bring healing to severed relationships, and it’s a vital part of recovery. 

Specialized Sessions

The facility might also host specialized sessions you can attend. These are not mandatory for everyone. Instead, only people with a certain attribute attend.

For example, they might offer sexual trauma sessions. You could attend the sessions if you experienced sexual trauma. 

There might be sessions for specific drugs or drug use methods. You might also notice sessions for other situations. 

Group Exercise and Activities

Having fun and exercising are two healthy things that happen at substance abuse treatment centers. A facility might have an afternoon activity everyone does together.

For example, you might go outside to play volleyball. They might have yoga or stretching activities. You might also have board game events. 

Most programs include these activities because you can’t only focus on recovery. It’s important to do other things, too. 

Group activities are helpful. They build friendships and give your brain a break. They also encourage physical movement, which is great for your physical health. 

Winding Down

The routine generally ends with dinner and one session afterward. However, the day is not complete yet. Most facilities encourage activities for winding down.

As the day draws close to the end, they might encourage you to complete homework assignments. For example, you might write entries in a journal. They might also give you books to read.

Finally, you’ll have a stated bedtime. When you wake up, you’ll have the same daily routine.

You can compare the activities and services offered at substance abuse clinics to find the right one. You can call facilities to ask questions about their schedules and services. You can even visit them before choosing one.

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